WT195 – And We’re Back!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about preventing cupped panels, respirators for the permanently bearded, box hinges, Spraying outdoors, acclimating lumber before a project, and avoiding tearout while turning.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Started the Krenov-inspired display stand and made a $400 mistake.
Matt – Took the plunge into turning.
Shannon – Built a dining table, kinda.

What’s New

– An emotional pet urn turning video:

– Build Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge:

– Interesting Hand Saws: Crosscut Saw Co.

Poll of the Week

Do you wear a shop apron?


America Woodworker Magazine shuts down, aka merges with Popular Woodworking.


– John – Spraying outside.
– Kris – Acclimating lumber before a project.
– Brit – Turning a mallet and avoiding tearout.


– Jason is trying to keep a table top flat.
– Kyle has a beard that gets in the way of his respirator and dust masks and is looking for advice.
– Jason is looking for hinges that will work with a 1/4″ thin top.

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10 replies on “WT195 – And We’re Back!”

Great to have you back. For those of us bearded guys, Scott Meek posted this a while back in response to Marc’s video on Bluetooth upgrades.

Scott Meek (http://www.scottmeekwoodworks.com)
May 1, 2014
For those bearded fellas like myself, I have found a dust mask solution: http://www.woodcraft.com/Produ…..rator.aspx
The powered respirator creates positive pressure inside the mask, so even though you don’t get a super air tight fit due to your awesome facial hair, you still don’t have to worry about inhaling things you are wearing the mask to avoid in the first place. I’m sure it is less comfortable than the 3M mask, but if it comes down to shaving my glorious man beard or comfort, the beard wins every time.


I believe the respirator Matt was talking about is called the RESP-O-RATOR. It has a snorkel-like mouthpiece that connects to filters behind the head.

Just placed my order with Harry’s! The timing couldn’t have been better. I always get a feeling of dread when I have to put my Gillette razors on my grocery list. I guess I’ve succumbed to your hypnotic marketing techniques!

On the subject of wood movement: I’ve only had a problem with warpage one time in my life. Every time I buy wood I bring it home and almost immediately start working with it but I’m a hobbyist and so I may not finish the project for another few months. It’s always fine whether I start cutting immediately or if I wait.

Only once did I have a warping problem. I bought some red oak from a local hardwood guy and I didn’t ask how dry it was nor did I know to ask. He planed it for me and by the next day it looked like a pringle. But I got out a bunch of clamps and forced it into submission and the piece still stands today and nothing has opened up or warped further. I always wonder if this is an issue that we worry too much about.

Or perhaps my standards are just really low. I always say: “The secret to happiness is to lower your standards.”

And on the subject of wood smell:

Again, I’m describing some red oak I bought. Usually it smells like wood – nothing special. But on one occasion, it smelled exactly like vomit.

I’ve always wondered what kind of muck that tree grew in to make it smell so bad.

Good to have you guys back! Imagine my surprise when the kickback section started! I didn’t subscribe to AW, but glad just the same that they’re merging with PopWood.
Matt… hope the collective ‘we’ weren’t too harsh re your turning cast.

Shannon… D’oh! on the ‘deliver it next year’ table lady. #facepalm

Marc, can’t believe you really shaved. & while Harry’s seems to have a decent product, I doubt I’ll switch. Buying at BJ’s Wholesale (similar to Costco) brings the cost for big named blades down close to Harry’s price. Glad you like the new sponsor’s product!

I just Kyle doesn’t have a ZZTop-ish beard. 😉

Jason could do his hinges doing possibly a ‘cigar box’ hinge from our youth. Even thin leather used in the same way as the cigar box hinges (they were mainly paper) or stuffed into the kerf.

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