WT201 – Bagged & Boarded

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On today’s show, we’re talking about safe finishes for comic book storage, drawer guide positioning, and restoring an antique workbench.

What’s on the Bench?

– Marc is pushing full force for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer!
– Matt talked H.O. Studley with Don Williams and Narayan Nayar
– Shannon went to Williamsburg.

What’s New

Cool scorpion chair, perfect for Halloween season.
How to make a kitchen island.
– Linn builds Thor’s Hammer:

– 360 Woodworking announces subscription model:

Poll of the Week

How do you edge joint boards?


– Roberto is looking for advice on rust prevention. Here are some of the recommended resources:
Wood Talk #143
Wood Talk #142
Wood Talk #120
Wood Talk #94
Wood Talk #52/
Wood Talk #37


– Steve wants to know what finish is safe for a comic book storage cabinet.
– DavidC is pondering drawer guide positioning. Matt recommends this information from Rockler.
– Chris is considering restoring an old workbench instead of building a new one.

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7 replies on “WT201 – Bagged & Boarded”

As a fan of the 360 woodworking guys I had to check out their new video. This has to be one of the more awkward things I have ever seen filmed. The video felt like something my grandpa would produce by strapping a gopro to his rascal scooter. I do wish them the best of luck.

I think Aaron is thinking what I am thinking – that for three very highly touted professionals, the video is very 2007. My sense is that they are putting this entire venture together on the fly, having agreed on the concept but not having a set plan for execution. My further guess is that their respective capital contributions are in the form of sweat equity, and they are doing a lot of what they could or should be hiring out, including web design and video production. With names like Bender, Huey and Lang, their product should look like the Highland Woodworker, but it looks like the very early days of MBW or the Wood Whisperer, and it does not even feature Nicole as a gum-chewing lumber yard attendant (Double negative!)

These three have something that Matt, Marc and Shannon have taken years to build – name recognition via their connection with PWW. They can squander that asset if their product does not live up to their reputations. Their product should look like The Highland Woodworker or Fine Woodworking’s Video Workshop Series – HD, good lighting, great editing, concise. I will stick with them as they develop, but this initial effort show much need for improvement.

I doubt that any bells and HD whistles will be of use if the content is a repetition of things already out there.
It will be a steep hill to climb, as there has never been so much WW information easily accessible to all.
In any case, I wish them good luck.

Regarding Bender, Huey and Lang: I see that their LLC is named 4 Square Media. For media that treats its consumers and content creators square, these three guys jumped ship to offer square media on a subscription basis. Highland Woodworking videos are great content in a silly advertising frame that I’m just sick of. The magazines are the same. A subscription model offers community instead of whomever walking around Highland’s store saying how great this jig or that jig is in his manufactured voice pretend little cartoon voice, something we just endure because OK hey, that guy is ultimately sincere and mostly because of the great people who comprise the woodworking community and whom in those videos get showcased. The problem is compromised participants: in an advertising based media model, the advertiser is the customer and you are what is delivered, your wallet is what is sold, and everything is compromised for that fact. Honestly, Matt, Mark, Shannon can be square because of our direct support. So with the new three, with Bender, Huey and Lang: I don’t care how rough their production values are at first because they are no longer working for Dewey, Cheatem & Howe. And that’s only possible if we support them. Because they are for square media, not for the same old. Just like Matt isn’t for the same old, Mark isn’t for the same old, and Shannon isn’t for the same old.

Hi Marc

I think you have a rival for comic genius, that video of Linn’s on Thor’s Hammer is very very funny 🙂


For storing comic books I would think you would want something low in acid. Unfinished oak for example would be very bad for archival storage. In general I agree with wanting to stay away from oil based finishes because they off-gas for so long, but I think that unfinished is also going to be problematic. I don’t know about comic books, but archivers of photos, books, etc will avoid wood shelving because of the acid naturally in wood. A good coat of water based poly or shellac would be a very good idea. Also using a wood species low in tannic acid would also be good (like maple).

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