WT212 – Udderly Cold


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On today’s show, we’re talking about tips for working with reclaimed lumber, buying workbench lumber, and are dovetail saddle markers lazy woodworking?

What’s on the Bench?

Marc: Repurposing an old bench as a shower bench.

Matt: Revisitng old projects while visiting family

Shannon: Working on shop odds and ends.

What’s New

Reclamation of timber in Australia.


– Miles has some tips on anyone looking to make plugs for their ears.

– Will has an update and more information about his desire to make his on stretched-ears plugs.


– Derek has a question about maintaining the look of reclaimed lumber. Thomas Porter of Porterbarnwood.com has some tips for him. And here are some examples of their work:

Farm Table, Wood Bookcase, Sliding Barn Door

– MikeT wants to know if we think Lee Valley Saddle Markers are for lazy woodworkers.

– Gerard wants to know if he can purchase the wood for his workbench over a long period of time as funds permit.

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5 replies on “WT212 – Udderly Cold”

Re: leather on holdfasts

I’ve had good luck with Hobby Lobby suede attached with double-sided carpet tape. Like you say, they’re self-clamping.

Didn’t work so well on my front vise. Where the tape has dried out and failed, Titebond liquid hide came to the rescue.
To Shannon: It’s hilarious that such small things can cause paralysis by analysis.

While I am not sure of those in Asian countries who wear the masks, here in the states, your assumption that it is sick people wearing it as a courtesy is partially correct. My wife is a cancer survivor, and I have health issues that keep me bouncing in and out of hospitals and Dr offices.
While my wife was doing chemo and we were out in public, she would wear surgical masks to help avoid catching any stray bug that was floating around in the air. And as we are out seeing to my medical stuff, if she or I are sick, we will wear a mask, as a courtesy, to keep our nasty bugs to ourselves.

Being Active Duty Navy and after living in Japan for a year, I can confirm that those who are sick do wear the face masks to prevent spreading their germs. It is not an uncommon thing over there. I can say that the general population is much more courteous in this respect.

I also lived in Japan, for several years, and also confirm that your understanding is correct Marc: the masks are worn as a courtesy to not infect others. It may be a different story in China, however (I don’t know).

On the shower bench: I actually like Spar (Marine) Varnish — it’s probably from having grown up around boats. I know, it’s weird.

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