Topics: The one year anniversary of Wood Talk Online. Matt’s class with The Schwarz. Selecting a conversion gun for your particular air compressor. Building a lightbox for photographing your work. Cambering a plane blade (see video below). Kaleo’s “Tip from the Workshop”.

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Hi Marc and Matt!

Another nice episode of Wood Talk Online. Congrats to the one year anniversary and thanks for all of this. Keep up the great work.

Greetings from Germany

A quick note on conversion guns and the Asturo Eco.
I actually started with the $60 HF gun which at the time seemed to produce a pretty good finish. However, as my skills increased and I became more critical of my finishes I noticed it just wasn’t cutting the mustard! So it was time to upgrade and I too went with the Asturo Eco 1 SX and well this gun rocks! Finally I felt I was able to put down a professoinal finish without a fight. Frank you made a great decision!


Hey Marc and Matt,

To jump on the e-mail and comments on conversion guns, I have been using the Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun with my Loweâ

Congrats on your first year … we’ve enjoyed it!

And Mat, that was a very straightforward explanation of sharpening the plane blade.

Great show! Happy anniversary! To both you two and Marc and Nicole. That reminded me that my wedding anniversary was 11 days ago..oops! At least Sylvia forgot, too.

Congrats Marc and Paula (errr, I mean Matt) on WTO starting it’s second growth ring! I’ve enjoyed every single episode and look forward to more…. your show is sort of like cowbell to me and I always need more cowbell!!!!

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