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What’s on the Bench?

Marc’s gearing up for round 2 of shop upgrades, including new garage doors, blown-in cellulose, and an A/C unit. Matt finished up a child’s dresser. Only 2 months late!

David Marks live interview on Monday Dec. 7th. Join the Guild today!
David’s Bandsawn Veneers DVD
Super FMT from Leigh Jigs

Around the Web:
Not your father’s turntables! Audiowood.com
Our listener Angus Pitt sent us a link to WoodGears.ca: a neat little website with some interesting articles.
Forget hand carved Christmas ornaments, check these out!

Sweet Deals:
Old Fashioned Milk Paint deal, now through December 31st:
* Order over $50.00 of any products and get a FREE sample of Daddy Van’s Beeswax Polish. It’s a beautiful finish over milk paint, and it is all natural and child safe, too!
* Order over $100.00 of products and they’ll include a FREE QUART of Old Fashioned MIlk Paint or their new SafePaint !
* Deck the Walls Special! “Buy 3 Gallons SafePaint- Get 1 Free” special was so popular they’re bringing it back, just in time to spruce up your home for your holiday entertaining. This special may not be combined with any other offer.
Woodcraft – free shipping on all orders
Rockler – Jet parallel clamps on sale 31″, 40″, 50″ sizes online only

It Came From the Forum:
Rob Lopez wants recommendations for a good combination tablesaw blade. Join the discussion!

Jess- Rocking Chair plans
Charles Brock’s Plan
Hal Taylor’s Plan
Eric-Refinishing pricing
Mark-Durable Table Top Finish
Behlen’s Table Top Varnish

Bud made a modern workbench utilizing the strength of the torsion box. NO hardwood.
Danny wants to know how to properly finish oily exotic woods, like cocobolo.

Tom’s Tip: (TomsWorkbench.com)
A great tip for consistent sanding.
Village Carpenter’s Tip:(VillageCarpenter.Blogspot.com)
Kari suggests you get your whittle on!

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Great Wood Talk session. “Bandsawn Veneers” DVD by David Marks should sell well. Considering the cost and availability of solid hardwood lumber now days it’s nice to be able to stretch your hardwood dollars with a minimum of waste.

Yes, I bet it’s a great DVD, like the show Wood Works was.

David gave a talk recently at our local guild. I was somewhat disappointed that he seemed to be transitioning out of woodworking to pursue sculpture from now on. According to him it’s much more lucrative; but his woodworking will be missed.

Great session guys. Matt, the closet whittler…ya gotta like it. Hey, if you can use a sharp tool of any sort and still have the same number of limbs, appendages and more or less the same volume of blood, you are doing great. Oh, btw, I know this is being picky but you have the WoodGears site linked correctly (woodgears.ca) in the write up above but it is showing as WoodGears.com…. enough said.

Have either of you ever worked with holly (the wood that is) as either a primary or secondary wood in a project? If so what was your experience?

Have a great holiday season guys.


I sit here in the office this morning doing double-duty by reading through my new issue of “WoodWork” and listening to Marc & Matt. (Wish they would go back to a bi-monthly publication on that one.)

One of the furniture makers that I know, Scott Morrison, has made his living from creating Maloof inspired rocking chairs. He told me that Sam had given him his blessing to make the chairs as long as he was given credit. That is exactly why he calls them “Maloof inspired rockers.”

Scott is very upfront about this and everything you hear about Sam Maloof backs this statement of generosity.

Scott Morrison’s work can be seen here: http://finewoodworker.com/

Scott also sells a 6 hour DVD and templates to make the Maloof style rocker. I have yet to get out a full public review but my comments and thoughts are positive. (Not because I know him but the video and information is good.) The video is clear and has lots of hands-on footage which I think is critical to understanding the nuances of body mechanics when shaping the parts. He could of made a shorter video but I think that it would have been short on visual information.

Scott also is very generous about sharing information and giving help if someone needs it. A call is most often answered by his wife if not him. I think that this is very respectful to the nature and person that Sam Maloof himself was.

Interesting thoughts on worktables. I have a very non-traditional set of work tables in my shop and in the shop I set up in Ohio for my brother. This is also the same shop where I have produced some of my best work. My level of craftsmanship and creativity has not suffered from simple plywood and laminate tops at all.

I consider the tops to be expendable and mine are designed to be replaced in the future. I also use white laminate because I like the amount of light they reflect. I have also drawn many things in 100% scale on the white tops and can wipe them clean when done with solvent.

I think that a nice workbench is a great showpiece of the makers craftsmanship, but it is not necessary.

Viewers can see details of my outfeed table here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toddclippinger/sets/72157606823325511/

More shop photos including the other tables are at LumberJocks: http://lumberjocks.com/toddc/workshop

I use my shop and tables on a professional level and they work great. I do appreciate the beautiful workbenches that many have made, but most often they are not wide enough for my needs and I also get mobility out of my biggest table.

I really enjoy hearing from you guys. I always learn something new. I would like to hear more about how you decide what finishes to use, Finishing is always traumatic for me.

FYI, in addition to free shipping at Woodcraft right now, they also have a promo code for $10 off any order over $20. The promo code is in the current catalog and is good through 12/24. Discount Code:12249 Worked for me, even on a sale item.

Hey guys, big fan of the show…keep them coming..(maybe another solid episode of hot deals in the holiday season or easy Xmas gifts you both have made over the years). What was Matt’s last name and does he also have a website?


Hey Marc and Matt,

Liked the show. You talked about pricing again and I liked to hear your opinions. Sometimes when I am doing a job for family or friends instead of having them pay me I just make then buy me a tool and pay for materials. Something that I will need to do their project or even something that would just be fun to use on that project. I have built up my tool collection a little this way.

Hi Marc and Matt,
This comment is really about WTO #62 but I just listened to it. Tom’s tip about using old grill frames in the shop came just as I was in the middle of converting my old cabinet into a planer cart. I thought that I was being so clever! I will take some pictures along the way Then Kari’s suggestion about old dental tools came up. I asked my dentist for some several years ago and I use the frequently. Marc’s comment about not having a used dental tool in his shop amused me – what about having previously used (and sterilized) tools in his mouth….

Are there pictures of Bud’s bench? I have some thoughts about what he had to say about his bench construction but I’d like to see what his looks like before I put my foot in my mouth.

Another great WTO and with Matt working for $0x2 he can really hit the lumber yards now for mor exotic woods-maybe Walnut or even Mahohany!! Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to all.

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