Matt’s still cleaning up his shop and getting ready for a new slant-front desk project for his daughter. Marc finally got his new garage doors installed and mentioned working on 32 plywood rings for a customer. Email topics included wood storage, narrowing down design options for customers, antique hand-tool restoration, and when to use nails and screws. Marc and Matt then discussed shop lighting options including the differences between T12 and T8 fluorescent lights. And since Matt is in the market for a new jointer, he asked Marc his opinion on 6″ vs 8″ jointers. Marc also mentioned a great website for helping create estimates for customers.

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I greatly enjoyed this show, you hit several topics I’ve been researching this week myself! First, I’m the guy who discovered you by finding your 6″ Powermatic jointer on Craig’s List, and since I missed out on that buy, I was pleased to hear you recommend the 8″–I feel much better now;) Second, you covered shop lighting, and while browsing shopnotes.com and listening to your podcast at the same time, I ran across this decent article on fluorescent shop lighting from their online sample magazine, which might be helpful to your listeners:

Good luck, keep up the great work!

Daylight (6500k) color temperature lights will give you the most accurate colors. It replicates the summer noon day sun color. T8’s are great T5’s are smaller but have a lot of light output too.

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