Marc mentioned that today is his birthday and tomorrow is Matt’s. 1st email was about HVLP overspray and spray booths. Marc discussed the mess he makes in shop whenever he sprays and gave suggestions for proper ventilation techniques and cautioned against using standard fans with flammable finishes.2nd email was for Matt about soundproofing his basement shop? Matt suggested placing the shop in a location that would be least likely to transfer sound upstairs. He also mentioned putting soundproof insulation, drywall and acoustic barriers in the floor joists. He also mentioned the use of rubber pads placed under the tools to raise them and eliminate vibrations. Marc then suggests insulation, air spaces and using materials with different densities in order to suppress sound transfer. 2nd part of the email asked for recommendations on CAD programs for design. Marc uses Sketchup. Learning curve is minimal and can be downloaded free at Sketchup.google.com. Marc mentioned a basic SketchUp tutorial he did in The Wood Whisperer Episode 11. He also suggested an instructional DVD from go-2-school.com. Matt said there is a free CAD program at alibre.com.

3rd question was how to get a good finish when routing soft wood edges and what filler to use for repairs? Matt suggested setting the bit for shallow cuts and climb cutting. Matt uses Minwax wood filler for gouges. Marc uses Famowood. Bondo is also a good product which is the same product as Minwax Wood Filler in a different package. 4th question was how to straighten an expensive piece of wood? Marc says he is convinced that when wood wants to curve, that’s the way it wants to go but if you place the board on a morning lawn with the cup facing up, the moisture will soak into the wood and straighten the board out. Once the board is close to flat, bring it in to the shop and sticker and stack it with weights. And if you don’t have a lawn, you can use a spray bottle of water. Marc also says to cut the board down to smaller sizes instead of forcing it into a position it doesn’t want to be in.

5th question was what do you think of the new Sears Carvewright One product? Can be viewed at: carvewright.com. Neither Marc nor Matt see themselves having it in their shop. Looks cool and fun but only if one is into carving. There is a review of it in the Tool review section of Woodcraft magazine this month. Matt discusses his new feature column in Woodcraft magazine where he reviews new websites for woodworkers. Part 2 of 5th question: What are the key power tools both hand and stationary for woodshops. Marc refers folks to The Wood Whisperer Episode 2 “The King and his Castle”. Matt refers them to his podcast episode 3. Marc refers listeners to the Post on The Wood Whisperer “Zero Tools and $1000”. 6th question: How to upgrade a block plane? Matt talks about replacing the irons with new blades. Hock blades vs. blue Japanese steel.

7th question: What options are there to flatten a board when one does not have a jointer or planer? Matt suggests finding a friend with tools! Marc suggests joining local wood working clubs where there is always someone willing to help a friend. Marc refers listeners to TWW The Jointer’s Jumpin episode. Marc describes his Router sled technique. Also be more selective in choosing lumber or having it done at the point of purchase.

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Love the talk/show, keep’em coming. Always get some handy and useful info. Like the fact that your birthdays are back to back…what a pair of April Fools.

Matt’s passing remark about the Woodwright Shop reminded me of the few times I saw that ages ago – I had to look to see if any vids are on youtube. Really took me back. Long ago I wanted to do woodworking when watching that show but, alas, I lived in an apartment at that time. Roy is also really funny.

Is there any way to access the forum post referenced in this podcast (“Zero Tools and $1000″)? I did not have any success searching generally using Google or searching the Wood Talk Online forum (couldn’t find a link to the Wood Whisperer forum anywhere). Thanks.

There’s a good chance that the forum post doesn’t exist anymore. The forum underwent a few changes early on before settling on the system we’ve been using now for a few years. My guess is this post was lost with a bunch of the old forum content.

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