What’s on the Bench?
Marc recently had a class at the William Ng School with Darrell Peart and was able to visit the The Gamble House. He also had an opportunity to get some hands on time with the John Hall frame he plans to build soon. Matt is in a late winter slump and is waiting for motivation to get back in the shop.

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Woodworking School Directories: Fine Woodworking and Woodworking News

Follow-up to panel saw discussion. Matt of Harrisville, RI built a nice panel saw of his own. Check out his post on Lumberjocks.

“This to That” Website. A glue “calculator” to help determine which type of glue is the best choice for your project.

Kari Hultman – The Village Carpenter – shared a link on her website from a reader by the name of Heinrich. This is a 1923 film featuring 3 craftsman building wooden shoes, wooden spoons and chairs all by hand and using only basic hand tools! Click Here!

Mentioned before the Lowe’s Creative Ideas page. Just received an email that they’re starting a 4 part video series on March 19th for building an adirondack chair.

David Cloutier was the winner of the Acanthus Workshop Class Giveaway!!! Visit Chuck Bender’s site for details about his classes.

Hot Deals:
Marc’s Madness Sale!! Everything in the Wood Whisperer Store is 20% off!!

Lowe’s 17% off Dewalt tools

Grizzly tools expanded their list of tools eligible for free shipping.

Shane asks about planer snipe.

Tom’s Tip: Cheap and easy sandpaper organization.

Editor’s Tip: Jajoba oil and rust prevention.

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Kari Hultman’s video was so cool. It makes you feel like a complete idiot when the guys with axes and bow saws are like 100 times faster than you.

Thanks for the shows guys!

I have been without a shop for about fifteen years. I’ve kept all my woodworking tools stored away all this time, waiting for the oppratunity to live in a place that offers a garage or outbuilding to have a workshop in. Finaly, the day arives. I HAVE A SHOP ! I stand ther, looking at all my wonderfull tools: Table Saw, Router Table, Power Miter Saw, ect… I have materials… ” Now What ? ” I ask myself. It’s been so long that now I am stumped as to what to build. So, I make my wifa a shelf for the bedroom to put a small T.V. on. Oh’My God that was fun. Life is wonderful again….

I am loving this Marc Adams interview, however I wish the guy intereviewing Marc Adams followed up with questions on him and his father. That was a deep story and I wanted him to do a Terri Gross on him to dig deeper…I can’t imagine my dad dying after influencing me on wworking.

I was looking forward to seeing a picture of the monster pattern bit you mentioned. Any chance you can point me in the right direction?

A few weeks ago you were trying to bring up woodworkersclassified.com but the site was not coming up. My apologies for the problems you encountered, I had to move the software to a new server due to configuration issues. We are back up and ready to get new listings and buyers You can register or not, Ads are free, post videos, pictures and show where you are on the map. How cool is that? Soon we will have other content as well but for now I want to see if we get the traffic base to support more work on my part I have put in about 100 hours to get it running error free. Time to cruise for a few weeks.
Thanks guys
Bob Egbert
better known as “Sandhill”

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