Just when you thought it was a summer safe from Wood Talk Online Radio….we’re baaaack.

Since Marc ditched us on the last episode, we decided to exact our revenge on Marc with a little unsolicited advice for the soon to arrive baby Spags. Marc and Nicole, we hope you pay attention because this episode may go down in history is the first WTO where we actually give out some sound advice. You have given everyone so much advice over the years, it is time we give a little back.

Congratulations to you both.

A very special thanks to everyone in the woodworking community who provided their two cents on this episode. You know who you are.

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Well this was definitely a big surprise! Nicole and I listened to this together and had beaming smiles on our faces the entire time. A sincere thanks to not only my buds Matt and Shannon for putting this together, but all our other friends who sent in advice. I’m talking to you Vic, Steve, Matt G., Al, Rob, Dyami, Tom, and Kari. You guys were freakin’ hilarious!!

I just wanted to add to Marc’s thank you and say that was super nice of everyone that participated. I haven’t had to many days so far where I smiled so this was a nice treat 🙂 Thank so much everyone!!! /hugs

ps Kari your tips made me lol a number of times

A very cool wood WTO. Whenever a friend or relative was expecting a child, I would tell them, “I have some advice for you” and they would look down and say OK. Then I will look them in the eye and say, “Ignore everybodys advice. You’ll do fine on your own”. And the expecting parents always smile. So that’s my advice to you. Of course, I can hear it now, “Marc, the baby has a splinter and there is sawdust in the diaper. Did you take the baby to the shop again?”

Absolutely gutted I didn’t know about this! Would definitely have left a message. The only thing I have to say is that all the cliche advice and anecdotes that people share with you in the 9 months before the baby arrives, turn out to be absolutely true! It will absolutely change your life, but don’t worry if it doesn’t seem life changing on day 2. It creeps up on you and one day you realise you’re parents and it’s the most amazing thing you ever became.

Wishing you both all the best for the future and looking forward to the twists and turns that show up in The Wood Whisperer.

Your lifelong biggest fan in the UK.


Matt is dead on with the diaper bag idea. I don’t know how I went without my Diaper Dad bag. Should have had it through college…for materials that is.
And Marc, about the stubble. A beard may be inevitable. Just go with it.
Enjoy this time, Spag family. Soon you will have the package in hand and it is a fantastic adventure.

That is very true —“any little (or even old, for that matter) woodworker that doesn’t produce stool in no time ” is Full of it!!!!! Congratulations

lol, nice segment.
seriously though. congratulations. my little girl is just turning 1. she’s the best thing that has happened to us… just love your child and make it the most precious thing in your lives… The best advice that you’ll, possibly, dismiss is, “be patient”…

like Bill said, you will do fine. but, don’t ignore “be patient” ;D

btw, the video monitors are sweet.

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