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Today’s topic is holiday gifts. What we like to make, what people seem to enjoy, and even some of our gift-giving blunders.


Marc, Matt & Shannon,

Chris has been hard at work starting up the Modern Woodworker’s Association (Tom and I are trying to assist).

The group and site are still young, but we’re trying to leverage online woodworking friends into personal woodworking friends though local get-togethers. We’re currently looking to flush out the site (modernwoodworkersassociation.com) with an about page, a mission statement, more posts and probably local chapters.

The draft mission statement we’re working under is: We all belong to a woodworking club, the online woodworking club. The Modern Woodworkers Association is a place for the online woodworking community to reinforce our online connections and create personal ones in local gatherings.

Even though we’re not fully flushed out, it you guys would be kind enough to spread the word on WTO, we’d really appreciate it.


Dyami Plotke

5 replies on “WT90”

Thanks for the entertaining WTO. Ninety of ?em, who’d a thought?!

I made a four of tww hidden key boxes with minor variations and they were all a hit. And as you say, making four wasn’t much more work than doing one at a time. I also like them as a way to make use of thick cut off ends of cool material.

Another thought on the gift front which doesn’t involve shop-made, except indirectly. Last year I ordered a few calendars from Apple?s iPhoto collection. The primary one was to go along with an old-growth Mahogany stool with drawers I made for my daughter. The calendar had step photos of the process. I was super impressed with the quality of the albums (about $20 each). A couple of others went to people who I knew would appreciate cool woodworking images.

As some already know, I post step photos of most of my major pieces. That is a valued bonus for people you?ve sold or given your creations. Guess it might also help people to realize how much goes into our endeavors, though that isn’t the real motivation…I claim.

On my bench are a couple of candle boxes (bubinga and zebrawood) with little candle holders of cherry. Also a walnut box to hold some garden design tools (graph paper, colored pencils, metric ruler because my wife is a scientist…who always hides her rulers from herself).

Interesting show. For a couple of years I’ve been thinking about making gifts in my shop but have been concerned about two of the things you mention – people not liking the gifts or liking them so much that I get pestered to build more.

But I’ve decided that after the all the Home Depot gift cards they gave me last year that I should return in kind this year…

This year I am making a chess board, an advent calendar (not the one Marc did – using my wife’s design), tissue box holders and by special request from the grand daughter a doll’s bed (she’ll have to wait till her birthday for the table, chairs, desk, entertainment center and butcher block).

The kids will like the stuff because they’re too young to know better and will like anything grandpa made just for them. Sadly I will have to disappoint the 7 year old on his request for a real working time machine.

Just a quick note about removing glued on patterns from wood. I do a lot of scroll saw work and of course I spray adhesive a lot of patterns down for ease and speed. I use “3M Adhesive Remover” this stuff works great. Put it in a glue bottle and wherever the pattern is stuck just drip a little adhesive remover and loosens up the glue and the glue and paper come right off, with no adhesive residue left on the wood. I have used this on all kinds of wood and it dries as quickly as lacquer thinner on wood with out any staining or effects to the wood. Long time watcher/listener keep up the good work.

– Tim the tool man

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