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What’s on the bench?

Shannon: finished the Queene Anne side table, small bedside stand for wife, Shaker clock for HTS
Matt: Broken closet door and a Hock Smoother
Marc: Finishing touches and some product reviews (Domino XL, ClearVue CV06)

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Bonus footage of Roy Underhill on the Highland Woodworker
Bernoulli Shell Clamp
The apprentice and the journeyman “Poorboy parallel clamps”


Is a Festool drill really worth the money?
The many specializations involved in running a wood shop.

5 replies on “WT93”

As far as the Festool drills go: The bells and whistles of the t+15 set is a game changer for people that can utilize the advantages of it. The eccentric chuck and the right angle chuck are indispensable “if” you can utilize them. I have found myself intalling cabinets and wondering how the heck I ever did it without it. Getting in tight spots is great too with the right angle chuck. Battery life is better than any other drill I have seen on the market and that includes hilti too. Don’t buy because it is Festool, but if you can utilize the advantages of it…drop your pants and take it like a man!!!

Easy Boys! Let’s not get ourselves hurt. I’m an electrician by trade and I can sum up my theory on the nonprofessionals getting into things they really don’t understand fairly simply. Electricity is like high blood pressure. It’s the silent killer. You don’t see it coming but when it jumps out and bites you, it just might be to late. Be careful and always respect what it can do to you.

Yipee!!! Wood talk will be back every two weeks. It’s been to a long winter guys, good to be back in the shop on a regular basis.
As always, great show.

I watched William Ng’s videos on the crosscut sled and ebony splines and I was very impressed with his strive for perfection. I would like to see the proof he mentioned when finding the proportion for the angle error on the crosscut sled video. My math background has me interested in looking that over. Also his zero clearance router table fence for making the profiles on the ebony splines was awesome. Amazing attention to detail.

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