WT228 – Marc has the Sniffles

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On today’s show, we’re talking about sharpening router plane blades and minding the gap…between cabinet doors.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Matt added a ship lap back to his chest of drawers project
  • Shannon is amazed how long little details take on his projects

What’s New?

    • The Ma‘agan Michael shipbuilding project which is an endeavor to rebuilt a 2400 year old ship that was found near the shores of Israel using tools from that era.
    • How to make a mallet from milk jugs. – Peter Brown’s Shop Time

    • A group of woodworkers stepped in to save the day when a storm destroyed some heritage trees downed in a 2010 storm. It’s cool to see how they interpreted the design brief to honor the spirit of the garden’s founder.
    • David Marks has a video up describing the design and build of his “Egypt-inspirated tabula” or something like that

  • Introducing the Skottbenk, Scandanavian “sticking bench”

Poll of the Week

What is your go to finish?


  • Chris, Jeremy, and Aaron add their 2 cents on cut lists in reference to episode 226.


  • Allen wants to know how to sharpen a router plane blade
  • Dan wants to know how to plan for the gap between cabinet doors.

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3 replies on “WT228 – Marc has the Sniffles”

Shannon, for an American, your swedish was excellent. One little note though. Not every O is funny, only the ø and ö *. You have the best ø I have heard from anyone that is not Scandinavian.

*the ø and ö are the same, us Norwegians just have to be different from the rest, so we use ø.


I hope your feeling better. While it was weird you were not on the show, I thought Shannon and Matt did a great job on #228.. Thanks for not canceling the show for another week, I’m not sure if I could go cold turkey 2 weeks in a row without my WoodTalk fix…LOL Thanks guys.



I know this is a waaaaay late comment to this show, but after a hiatus from listening to you guys I’m back.

I agree about Miller Dowels. They’re great. I just recently started using them and I had no issues during the build. I used walnut dowels in some clear old growth pine I found in my great uncle’s garden shed. The combination is beautiful and strong!


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