WT235 – Origin Stories

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition”, we have been asked to discuss our origin stories. Sorry there are no radioactive spiders or secret government lab experiments…or are there?

Now You Go

How did you get into woodworking? Share your origin story in the comments, we really want to hear about stories that involve alien occupations, contracts with supernatural beings, or tacos.

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4 replies on “WT235 – Origin Stories”

Love your show! In response to your ‘How did you get into woodworking?’ question: started out about 15yrs ago when I bounght a chop saw to cut quarter round molding. Thought, ‘you know woodworking might be a good thing to do in retirement’. Well I’m into it about $20,000 now and having a great time with it. Still got ten yrs before retirement but having a blast. Did somebody mention “rabbit hole”?
Keep up the good work on a great show!

As always, fabulous show! I have been an avid listener since you started the podcast. I have been a woodworker for 25 years, sometimes professionally but mostly as a hobby.
I got started woodworking when I purchased my first old house in 1989. Fixing things around the house and building things we couldn’t buy started my path. I’ve made several hundred pieces over my career.

Much like Matt, my grandfather built chairs in the 1920’s – 30’s. I inherited the bug and have enjoyed the craft for nearly three decades.

Like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy all three of you and appreciate the time and efforts you all put in to providing the community and invaluable treasure.

Great show – thank you for doing it. It was good to hear about your respective backgrounds and early projects. And I agree with the person who said we should all thank Nicole.

I got into woodworking only a couple years ago – gradually moving from DIY home projects to small furniture for my kids. I’ve learned a lot from the podcast and the guild. Thanks again.

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