WT237 – How Tools and Techniques Affect Project Choices

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re talking about how much techniques, materials, and tools impact our choices in projects.

How about you?

Do you usually let these things impact your project choices? Or do you simply pick a project and go for it, figuring things out as you go?

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5 replies on “WT237 – How Tools and Techniques Affect Project Choices”

I loved the closing rap by Matt!

Marc, you mentioned that you sometimes hold yourself from doing some projects / techniques that you would try if you weren’t filming yourself. What would those projects / techniques be? Ever thought of building a bombe chest?

Thanks Alex, I love free-style rapping whenever I can, but I usually prefer a something a little more akin to a soft ballad around a campfire.

Just like you asked Marc about his comment regarding holding himself back do to filming, I feel and may have expressed them exact sentiment.

On the rare occasion I’ve built something in the past 9 years of podcasting AND DIDN’T film it in some way I’ve stepped back and looked at the project and thought “I wish I had the freedom to do this all the time.”

I hope no one takes that as me saying I feel “burdened” by the show(s), but instead it’s a conscious effort on my own part to live up to the promise I made to myself and the audience to always share what I’m learning and building.

Frequently though, it’s the experimenting when no one is looking that you discover the new passions you never knew you had in you.

I for one would love to dive headfirst into some serious “sculpted” furniture pieces and even bent laminations, unfortunately to share some of these on the show might require a far greater amount of time when I’m not at my day-job or attempting to be a good dad & husband than I can give.

Thanks for listening!

Marc, Matt and Shannon,

What a great treat for me to hear my question on your podcast! I have been a loyal listener since the beginning and enjoy the opinions, experience and interest in sharing you bring to all of us. As always, keep up the great work!


John W.
Jacksonville, FL

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