WT259 – Sunshine and Potpourri

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re grabbing some miscellaneous topics from our email bag that are too short for a single topic show and not long enough for a regular show.


  • Kris would like to hear how woodworking has influenced your daily lives outside of the shop.
  • Tommaso is wondering, what is our least favorite part of a project?
  • Ted wants to know if there are any real negatives to corrugated bottom planes? Also, is a vintage Stanley bedrock going to as well as a non-bedrock Stanley.
  • Bob wants to know if any of us use digital angle gauges?

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5 replies on “WT259 – Sunshine and Potpourri”

Shannon mentioned the floppy end of tape measures. The sliding hook is designed that way for a purpose. The first inch of the tape measure is short by the thickness of the hook. When you measure the inside of something, the hook slides into the tape so that the outside of the hook is zero on the tape. When measuring the outside of an object, the hook pulls away from the tape making the inside of the hook the zero point–assuming the tape is made to correct tolerances.

You all mentioned having the Wixey digital angle gauge. Heads up that they started making one that uses an AAA battery. That change got me to pull the trigger and buy one last December.

Just little kickback on how woodworking has affected my daily life (and maybe other people’s as well).

After getting into woodworking, I’ve become focused on surrounding myself with things that last. Too much in our society today is considered disposable. This is one reason I got into woodworking – to make something that I felt was well-made and would be able to withstand our daily lives, and hopefully future generations. Now, not only do I try to make things that last, the other stuff I purchase I expect to last. I drive my wife crazy with this. I’ve been seen taking apart a trash can in the store to make sure that flip-up top mechanism is well made and won’t break after the first month…

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