WT265 – We’re Awesome?

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re doing a little bragging and talking about our strengths.

This show is inspired by an email from Chad:

There has been questions on what your weaknesses are. I would love to hear a little bragging. When it comes to woodworking what are your guys best at or what do you like doing the most which in my experience is usually what I’m good at.

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How Can You Support Us?

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2 replies on “WT265 – We’re Awesome?”

Hey guys, here’s a link to a lovely video about a young woodworker making a coffin for his grandmother. Beautifully made and gets at the heart of what makes a meaningful woodworking project.


Enjoy your holiday!


Hi guys, writing from Down Under in Australia, well, Up Over really, lol to let you know how much I enjoy your show and the amazing amount that I have learnt from you each since I started listening and going back through the old episodes as I work in my shed. Mark, being in the Guild rocks, I am very grateful and Matt and Shannon, what can I say, a top pair of blokes in my book and your combined wisdom and experience are making me look Good!! when I follow your advice in my projects from finishing to hand and power tool techniques.
Still working on my Sculpted Rocker as time and my health permits and savouring the moment when I get to rock in it.
Now the main reason that I am writing, two quick things.
Mark, I have noticed that quite a number of times you have spoken about how, when buying timber for a project that you buy a small amount extra so that if you run into problems or more importantly, when you need to make test cuts for the sizing of some of the joinery.
Down here, Walnut is not a cheap timber tho not a full exotic like Ironbark and Bubinga etc so I thought I’d share a slight alternative to using up good Walnut etc for such purposes.
Instead of sizing up for example, extra Walnut, when I am preparing my timber, I size up what I need with my small planer and drum sander, and also size up, to the same specs, some Pine or Tassie Oak, both of which in comparison are dirt cheap, then if I need to set up a tool like the table saw and make some test cuts on timber that will be thrown away, it’s only cheapo Pine not my beautiful and costly Walnut etc. It seems to me that it doesn’t have to be the exact same timber, it just has to be milled to the same size to be able to be used in this way and to get the same accurate results.
Please let me know what you think especially if my thinking is in error but it seems to make sense to me and my wallet is just a little bit heavier because of it.
Secondly, I was wondering if any of you guys have seen this creation and the short video that accompanies it. It is by a fella from over the road in New Zealand and is exceptional lol.
He has made The Worlds Smallest Working Circular Saw and also The Worlds Smallest Working Cordless Drill. I found it worth a few minutes to check out this very clever bloke and his new tools and hope that you also would enjoy it.
It is found as follows :
Again, thank you for the great Podcasts, Wood Talk Shows and each of your websites. You each keep me very entertained, inspired and making sawdust, thank you.

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