WT285 – Still Not on ESPN

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On today’s show we’re talking about bearings vs bushings, strengthening a miter joint, and PVA glue in a vacuum bag.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is playing games on his new table
  • Matt built a library
  • Shannon finished up the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Table & Chair project

What’s New?

  • Cyber Monday sales are going on in The Woodwhisperer Store where you can save 20% off the entire store
  • The Guild is having a rare sale where you can save 30% on a different set of projects leading up to Christmas.
  • The Hand Tool School is 10% of any semester through Friday 12/4 if you use the code “TURKEYPLANE” at checkout.
  • Great video highlighting Old Street Tools. The Perfect Plane from Nathan Willis on Vimeo.
  • Holly Holm, the Ultimate Fighter who bested Rhonda Rousey is a woodworker. Check out this interview at the 2:14 mark where she talks about it.


  • Marc dropped an F bomb on the last show and is sorry, kinda
  • Todd Clippinger uses Minwax Wipe on Poly and knows other professional furniture makers who swear by it
  • Kenji got the scratch out of his table and sent us a picture of his cool triangle table.Kenji's table
  • Josh suggests that creating a full length spline would be a good alignment technique instead of a biscuit joiner


  • Jason wants us to do a Finishing 101 episode
  • AJ is now wondering how to tackle the tool well on his under construction workbench
  • Eric wants to know if he should buy a beading tool to finish his beaded ship lap back on a cabinet


  • Kevin is trying to decide whether to use bearing guided flush trim router bits or to go with an offset bearing
  • Evan want to build a funky C shape table that is joint purely with miters and wonders how to strengthen those joints
  • Matt has questions about glues to use in a vacuum bag application

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5 replies on “WT285 – Still Not on ESPN”

AJ had a question about mounting tool wells in the middle of his bench. Popular Woodworking had an article about “The 21st Century Workbench” by Robert Lang (OCt 2008) that incorporated this very concept. AJ may want to look at that article for some options.

Great episode.

I don’t think Shannon has to worry about Clark & Williams. That video came out a few years ago, and they still appear to be in business. Although I’m not sure it matters since they continue not to accept new orders, unfortunately.

There’s an idea… how about a contest to record a guest intro for the show? There could be prizes for most original, weirdest, and best overall. Oh, and maybe there should be an adult language category, just for “that” crowd. 🙂

Kickback on the kickback…
I have an inquiry on the wipe-on poly. I thought I heard/read once that wipe-on poly was really just regular poly cut in half with mineral spirits. Is that correct?
If so… A quick big box search shows a pint of Minwax wipe-on poly for $12 and a quart of Minwax reg poly for $11 (in my neck of the woods). That’s twice as much product for less. If you don’t already have mineral spirits (@ $8/quart), you still get a half gallon of “wipe-on” poly for $19.
Of course if you don’t need that much finish, you’ll have to store it properly, but that’s a nice potential savings.

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