WT286 – Jay Bates Drinking Game

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On today’s show we’re talking about a low toxicity walnut finish, making raised panels, and selecting proper drawer depth. And we’re joined today by special guest Jay Bates from JaysCustomCreations.com.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is building Gingerbread Houses
  • Shannon is building pencil box Christmas gifts
  • Jay is cleaning shop in between projects and preparing for a box jig build

What’s New?

  • Stephen shared a video on a gaming table
  • Dane shared a link to an article on microscopic sharpened edges
  • Jay shared a great video on an Extreme Rocking chair


  • An anonymous poster (Marc forgot the name) wants to know why buy wipe on poly when you can mix your own cheaper.
  • Adam suggested looking for reclaimed truck bed flooring for workbenches because it comes in 53 foot lengths.
  • Bob suggested AJ look at Bob Lang’s 21st Century Workbench build.


  • AJ is looking for a good, easy win, first project to break up his workbench build
  • Bob is looking for some wood species suggestions for a small box he is building


  • Brian is looking for a non toxic finish solution for Walnut
  • Dave needs some advice on sizing drawers in a base cabinet
  • Scott is looking for advice on making raised panels and the thickness of the parts

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2 replies on “WT286 – Jay Bates Drinking Game”

Regarding Shannon’s pencil box grooves for the bottom and the sliding lid: I’m pretty happy with plugging the end grain on through grooves. I’m happy because I decided to use ebony plugs instead of trying to match up same species offcuts. What a hassle that is and I could never quite match it. With ebony plugs: they look structural/functional when they aren’t. Nice. Plus I’ll bore out a 1/8″ hole in a 1/4 by 1/4 plug blank and fill that hole with a 1/8″ dowel using a light colored species. So the end grain of the plug is a black square with a light circle within it. I only use I such doweled plug on a box as a sort of signature. The rest of the plugs are ebony with no dowel. The reason I’m happy is because I’m embracing the imperfection of a through groove and working with it to turn that imperfection into a design feature. And I feel more creative for doing so.

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