WT287 – Making It Drunk

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On today’s show we’re talking about determining finish on old trim, fire resistant projects, and bandsaw cut quality. And we have special guest David Piccuito from MakesSomething.tv filling in the third chair. Check out his new book The New Bandsaw Box Book.

What’s on the Bench?

What’s New?


  • Dyami called in to perpetuate the wipe on poly conversation
  • Joe wants to know “whats the deal with African Mahoganies”
  • Zach wants to know where to get the reclaimed truck bed flooring
  • Wilbur suggests spalted wood for Bob’s easy to work wooden box
  • Chris says he plugs through groove holes with Ebony and even inlays the inlay.


  • AJ wants to know the difference between a router table and a shaper. Check out WT 179
  • Bob is looking for some wood species suggestions for a small box he is building


  • Ben wants to know how to determine what kind of finish in on part in his new house so he can match it and do some restoration work
  • David wants to build a fire side sitting bench and wondering how to make it as fire resistant as possible.
  • Zach is unsure what to expect from the cut quality of his bandsaw.

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5 replies on “WT287 – Making It Drunk”

What is it with these non-Matt’s filling in for Matt! I demand that other Matt’s fill in for Matt. I’d even settle for almost Matt’s like Mattias, Mateo, or Matilda.

In all seriousness, great show guys, you make Tuesdays at work better, for about an hour.

I have been watching Marc for quite awhile and recently subscribed to Matt, but only just discovered this Pod Cast. Never would have thought a Audio podcast about Woodworking could be interesting, but I absolutely love the format. I listened to 20+ episodes last week while preparing items for a Holiday Craft Market. You all were great company. Great blend of humor, discussion and information. Keep it Up. I will be a listener from now on and look forward to it.

I really enjoyed Shannon’s detailed explanation of Honduras Mahogany vs African Mahogany vs Sapele… Don’t get me wrong, I was completely lost on a good portion of the conversation, but at the same time, learned a lot about the differences. I truly do enjoy when the guys dig a little deeper and get a little more granular on some topics. I have to say, Shannon, you ARE the smartest person that I know… but not personally know. Love the show, love Marc, Matt and Shannon, and the guest appearances have been a great addition. I always look forward to the next episode!

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