WT315 – Bandsaw Mill Dovetails

On today’s show we’re talking about keeping your shop clean and working in the heat.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc went Kerouac on everyone’s ass
  • Matt finished up his trim and is starting work on a band saw mill
  • Shannon built a wall and played with PVC trimwork.

What’s New

  • Graham Haydon has left the online woodworking world. Sad emoji!


  • No name called in with a great solution for Matt’s lack of a riving knife
  • Matt has a solution for Brandy’s slow starting table saw
  • Dave likes Western saws because they are easier to sharpen

Featured Topics

  • Steve spends too much time cleaning his shop and wants to know if we have any cleaning routines that work for us.


  • Larry wants to know how to keep working when the mercury climbs and when AC or split units just don’t make sense.

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