WT336 – Us as Kids

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about us…as kids.

What Are We Talking About

Your co-hosts as kids. What were we into? Anything that showed aptitude for woodworking or video-making?

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2 replies on “WT336 – Us as Kids”

A little kickback on “Us as kids”; In freshman year of highschool we had an engineering class where we needed to build a functioning cardboard chair. No fasteners, tape or glue; only cardboard. We learned about structural design and grain direction using the corrugation of the board. Every chair had to be able to hold our 300lb principal and we were able to go wild with our designs as long as we only used one sheet of cardboard for the whole project. The next year we built Rube Goldberg machines. From what I hear, this is no longer in the curriculum and that’s a shame.

I should have realized then how much I enjoyed building things, but instead spent years in social science research and history. I imagine this is how a lot of us feel coming from other professions or hobbies into this craft.

Not to beat a dead horsebutt, you guys have a great show, and are the best (and only) podcast I listen to.

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