WT344 – Go Big on the Tool or Get Accessories

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about buying cheap tools in favor of more accessories or not.

What Are We Talking About

Joshua said…

I’m looking to get into turning by buying either the Harbor Freight 10″ Lathe for $219 or the 12″ for $100 more. If I buy the cheaper one, I’ll have money left for chucks and other accessories. Any suggestions as to which I should get? I’m looking to spend no more than $350. I already have a set of traditional tools but no grinder to sharpen them on. So that’s a factor as well. I’m leaning towards the cheaper 10″ lathe so that I can pick up the Rikon 8″ slow speed grinder for sharpening. I don’t want to blow my whole wad on just the lathe and then have no effective way of sharpening my tools.

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3 replies on “WT344 – Go Big on the Tool or Get Accessories”

The Harbor Freight 10″ can only handle 18″ length and 1/2hp Bench Top
12″ 33″ 3/4hp with floor Stand
It might be good to look up the tool before talking about it.

Two weeks off? Two weeks off! What am I going to use now for a stand in emergency work related “teleconference” call when I supposed to be hanging out with the mother-in-law and her sugar daddy? Seriously, we need to have a discussion about this in the future. Please submit next year’s vacation request for rejection, I mean consideration.

Merry Christmas Guys.

P.S. does this count as my Festivus grievance?

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