WT441 – We Can’t Take Criticism

On today’s show we’re talking about: getting that vintage Cherry look, building movie furniture, how to prepare the shop for the summer, low angle planes, outsourcing finishing, air dried vs kiln dried lumber for a bench, and our critique of bad critiques.

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  • Matt called in to ask why some woodworkers purposely leave a board long
  • Matt has experienced slow down of his planer since adding helical knives
  • Matt questions whether air dried wood will work for a workbench and what the pros and cons of it might be.
  • William outsourced the finishing on his last project and recommends it.
  • Bob has a bit of kickback for all 3 of us.


  • Jonathan asks if any of us have wanted to build a piece of furniture we saw on TV or in a movie
  • Steve asks about getting an antique Cherry look to his project. Marc has a video for that:
  • Dustin wonders how we protect our tools as the temperature and humidity rise

Stuff We Hate

Idiots who insult your work, then give you crap for “not being able to take criticism”

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3 replies on “WT441 – We Can’t Take Criticism”

So back in January I started off with a coffee table assembled with Pocket Screws (because I didn’t know any better) off of some random blog site. It looked great, then the breadboard end promptly exploded when I put it in my LR by the radiator. This started the process of learning how to do it correctly.

Now after hearing Marc’s comment about Rubio stuff, I’m paranoid as hell that the finish I know and love is the pocket screwed breadboard end of furniture coloring and protection. I’d love to hear more about this topic from you guys as I’m relatively cool with constructive criticism.

Thanks for not quitting.


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