WT442 – Marc’s Butt is Hungry

On today’s show we’re talking about: what’s the deal with the #6 fore plane?, support for large tops, building boats, and furniture styles

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is human after all: couldn’t finish his desk because he was organizing the shop
  • Matt dusted off the sawmill and started adding some creature comforts
  • Shannon went hiking and whittlin’

What’s New

  • Building a stool using only your body as tools. Legit or not?
  • New podcast on the scene. Welcome to the Woodworker’s Podcast


  • William wants to build Chairy from PeeWee’s Playhouse
  • Andrew hopes board feet terminology doesn’t go away
  • Ken suggests that not using your real name online is for security purposes
  • Mike wonders why the #6 Fore Plane doesn’t get any love
  • Joel swears by foam rolling for repetitive stress injuries
  • William wants Shannon to drone on even more with a solo show on lumber updates


  • Keith is considering recessing a steel bar under a wide table top in order to keep it flat
  • Matt wants to know if any of us have considered building a boat
  • Wil is looking for book recommendations to learn more about the variety of furniture styles

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8 replies on “WT442 – Marc’s Butt is Hungry”

I am responding to your July 2 podcast, Marc’s butt is hungry, almost hate to say that. When I was Matt’s age, in my teens, I worked for a furniture maker in Boulder, Colorado that made butcher block tables. We always put half inch all thread through the middle of them, in three places. And we torqued them down tightly. As far as I know they never came apart or twisted. Of course the company is out of business, but that was 40 years ago. Never really thought about wood movement on those projects. And now the obligatory “thanks for not quilting”.


Here are my 2ct concerning “Real Name on the Internet”
Speaking from the perspective of a big white guy from Germany, there is not much you can do about it, if you have a commercial website here in Germany.
Everyone can look things up, because you have to have an imprint with your name, adress, and a not internetbased means of communication aka phonenumber and may be your VAT-Numberon your website.
Personnally, I don’t mind unexpected visitors as long as they behave and understand, that they may have come at a bad time.
My home is my castle and if I say “No” it is “No” and I expect you to go. If not, things will get ugly very fast.
That being said, I may behave the same way.
If I happen to be in City X and there lives someone I would like to meet, I will grab the opportunity if I can.
But I’m always aware, that he or she could sent me away and I respect that.

Greetings from Germany

So carpal tunnel and all those rollers for knees and elbows and back is all nice and such. Do it the easy way. Just take a ride through the drum sander first thing in the morning, once on each side and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. Sorry Shannon you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Thanks for the fun guys, what glue and don’t quit and all that.


I don’t know how I managed to get two kickbacks in the same show, but thanks guys, that made my day. Well, now that I think of it I suppose unabashed praise of Shannon’s Lumber Industry Update may have had something to do with it so it would appear I’ve bribed my way to glory. Regardless I have no regrets.

I don’t see what the big deal is. I make a stool with my body pretty much every morning.

Hey yooooooo!

Hopefully you get to read this but thanks Shannon for the book suggestion, I’ve been looking for a book like Judith Miller’s for a while and mine is currently on the way. I feel my furniture style education is about to step up a gear!

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