WT443 – You Got Formaldehyde in My Plywood

On today’s show we’re talking about: Outdoor finish options, what’s the deal with the DelVe Square?, Plywood safety, applying Enduro-Var, making gifts for other woodworkers, expired finishes, soundproofing the shop.

What’s New

Chris shared a story about making alcohol from wood


  • Brian needs an outdoor finish recommendation for white oak
  • Craig pointed out another instance of power loss from a helical head cutter
  • Josh wonders if the DelVe square is all its cracked up to be.
  • Andy rambled on for a bit about a bunch of stuff


    • Elyssa is worried about the safety of plywood with respect to the formaldehyde content.
    • Justin is not having much luck with General Finished EnduroVar
    • Stephen wants to give a gift he made himself
    • Andy asks if veneering onto a drawer front is cheating to make half blind dovetails
    • Matt is curious if we have sound proofed our shops at all

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12 replies on “WT443 – You Got Formaldehyde in My Plywood”

“…that doesn’t immediately smell like a chemical…”

If Marc’s high school chemistry teacher wasn’t already dead, this killed them. Because Marc has a fairly substantial science background, definitely enough to be embarrassed by endorsing the layman’s definition of chemical. It’s ok though. Dumbing things down is what the internet was made for. Well, that and porn. And I think we can all agree we don’t need you be to contributing to that.

Enjoy your summer guys.

You guys rock, this is by far my favorite woodworking podcast. Quick follow up question. Which white noise maker were you talking about Marc that worked so well with your kids? My wife is due with our second and I wanted to purchase the one you were talking about. Thanks! (I actually looked on your amazon page but it wasn’t there)

I had weird results with one can of satin EnduroVar. I was spraying gloss with no issues. I decided to topcoat with satin after two coats and had all kinds of runs and drips. I cut the flow way down and increased my speed quite a bit compared to the gloss before things settled down. I’m assuming I got a bad batch.

Guys! I’m running out of old content to catch up on. Did you guys take a break, or is WoodTalk gone forever? If you don’t keep making content, then I don’t know what I’ll get to listen to every second I’m in my car.

Thanks for not quitting?

I wish you guys would stop quilting and get back to podcasting!

(We know you’re busy, don’t worry about us. We just miss you.)

Quit on me once, shame on you. Quit on me twice, shame on me. Quite on me three times … Well… You’re not going to quit on me… Are you?

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