WT450 – Marc’s Dad Called

On today’s show we’re talking about: shop layout, differences in bench planes, how much of the tree can be used

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc has started Mateo’s bunkbeds
  • Shannon is making models of his next project
  • Matt is working outside, making bucks, making boards, F-ing aye man!

What’s New



  • Pete wants to know what to do with his old glue
  • Joshua remembers when we created content for fun and our own benefit

Lumber Industry Update

The Genuine Mahogany market is on the upswing as there is less demand for the good stuff from Luthiers. CITES also appears to be working and creating better quality material.


  • David is looking for advice on the best shop layout
  • Roger wonders if logs need to sit a bit before sawing them
  • Casey asks if the whole tree can be used when sawing and what to look out for with reaction wood
  • Eli asks how the bench planes differ from each other in performance.

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3 replies on “WT450 – Marc’s Dad Called”

Another great podcast guys. I’m sure hoping that some of that mahogany that Shannon was referring to makes to one of my hardwood suppliers. I haven’t had any decent mahogany to work with in about 40 years.

As for you idea of a blog or video account of what I’m making is right on the mark. This year I created my woodworking website and wish I had photos of all my past work. As Shannon mentioned I don’t have any photos of all the projects that I did in the past. Any photos that were taken were slides because that was the method of photography I used back then. I sure wish I knew where those photos are in the thoughsands of slides that I have stored away. At least now I have videos of my most recent work.

Keep up the work and thanks for not quitting.

While I can appreciate that you want a professional dare I say polished show, I loved it when you kept getting calls, somehow makes it real

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