WT453 – A Call from Yore

On today’s show we’re talking about tool maintenance, spring pole lathes, poorly dried wood, and fine tuning with a jointer.


  • Spence called from Yore to ask about tool maintenance
  • Vinny has a spring pole lathe tool handling question
  • Matt is considering jointers and tablesaw buying options
  • Scott has a boon of possibly over dried wood and needs advice
  • Roberto has a question about lumber storage
  • Zev wonders if he can tune the fit of his drawers by using the power jointer

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3 replies on “WT453 – A Call from Yore”

A friend gave me some cherry that his grandfather cut and milled from the 20s or 30s. It’s as solid now as it was the day it was cut. Proper storage is key.

Just a thought on the planer gear box oil. Like any other oil, there is most likely a shelf life on the oil itself, so even if us hobbyists don’t reach the hour change intervals it is probably best to change it every 10 years or so to prevent the oil breaking down and being less effective.

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