WT454 – Marc Sold his Scrub Plane

On today’s show we’re talking about: chisel storage, spokeshave use, a jointer buying decision, scrub planes, and rotted sapwood.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is working on the slide for Mateo’s bunk bed
  • Shannon took a field trip to the Fiberon composite decking plant
  • Matt is applying finish to the sideboard

What’s New

New podcast: “From the Ground Up”, episode 1.6 History of Plywood


  • Damon looks for rust prevention advice for his chisels
  • James sings us a watch making song
  • Jason needs spokeshave help
  • Kyle used glue as a finish

Lumber Industry Update

China may be using a lot of suspect origin lumber…but they’re using it to build things that we buy.


  • Brandon wonders if the additional size of an 8″ jointer is worth it over a 6″ model
  • Eddie asks if the sapwood is softer than heartwood or more prone to dry rot
  • William is looking for a scrub plane but doesn’t want to restore an old plane: Check out this video

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4 replies on “WT454 – Marc Sold his Scrub Plane”

Those sheets used to prevent surface corrosion are frequently used to protect auto parts in storage and shipping parts like rotors and break calipers. If you ask your auto repair shop, they will probably save you some free of charge. I saved several gallon sized resealable bags stuffed full in a short time. All of it clean as it was when it came off the roll. All of it would have just gone in the landfill if I hadn’t grabbed it.

I disagree with Marc and his disdain for the scrub plane. I bought one from Lie Nielsen several years ago when I was first starting out. If I ever get around to actually needing to use it, I’m sure I’ll think it’s awesome. In the meantime it’s does a fine job of keeping the space it sits on dust-free.

Interesting information about your trip Shannon. Now we just need to figure out a way to replace those good paying jobs that are lost to technology.

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