WT464 – Hand Tools Don’t Make Dust?

On today’s show we’re talking about our approaches to dust collection, shop flooring, cupping after resawing, gluing cedar, and preventing chatter when hand planing.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Made CNC templates. PMV-11 chisels came in.
Matt – Finishing up the Garden Bench
Shannon – making banding from holly and ebony

Main Topic: Dust Collection

  • What each of us do to contain dust, clean up, and keep the shop safe
  • Dust collection at the source
  • Cleaning the air
  • Personal protection
  • Cleanup afterward

Voicemails & Emails

  • Zev needs dust collection in new shop space
  • Joe asks about flooring in his shared shop space
  • Lucas needs to glue cedar
  • Harvey has Walnut that cups like crazy after resawing
  • Peter asks about bevel up vs bevel down planes for figured Walnut

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Finally you can find us individually on Instagram at mattcremona, woodwhisperer, and renaissancewoodworker

Social Media Homework

Proud of your dust collection or a specific set up? Post a picture of it and use the hashtag #woodtalk464. Or just write the hashtag in the pile of dust caused by your poor dust collection and post that.

4 replies on “WT464 – Hand Tools Don’t Make Dust?”

The last 2 episodes have had Shannon’s mic be extra bassy/boomy compared to Marc and Matt to the point I had to turn volume down when he was speaking for a longer segment.

Glad you guys got a sponsor and are back at it. Really love having the show to listen to.

It’s pretty easy to replace a few tiles of the vinyl planks. Get a few extra tiles and replace whatever you bust when you’re moving out.

I learned more about hand planes in the last 5 minutes than the Dude on YouTube has taught me in 5 months!
Great show guys!

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