WT465 – It’s Moist in Here

On today’s show we are answering your questions. It’s all Q&A!

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Working on a set of Nesting Tables. Gearing up for the CNC guy’s visit.
Matt – Finished up the garden bench, finishing up the trailer
Shannon – designing a new set of built ins

Voicemails and Emails

  • Ray has thoughts on why books are still popular. Check out his podcast The Hand Tool Book Review
  • Eddie asks about Titebond Extend 2
  • Sean wonders how a hand plane works with coplanar “beds” unlike a power jointer.
  • Erick wants to make sugar maple cookies, mmmmm
  • Nick asks about wood dust concerns around the kids
  • Mike is making a huge wall panel and has questions about wood movement
  • Greg asks if he will lose anything if he makes his leg vise shorter and not extend down the entire leg.
  • Alex asks about pet safety in the shop
  • Matt asks if a Domino can be used to make doors
  • Dan wonders if there are good resources for buying used power tools like a cabinet saw
  • Lucas asks whether a 5″ or 6″ orbital sander will help him with narrow parts

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3 replies on “WT465 – It’s Moist in Here”

I’ve used drawbores on one side of dominos before. I was using them for breadboard ends (in addition to a tongue and groove) on a kitchen table and I wanted to allow the outside ones to move. I glued them into the table and widened the hole in the other side out to a slot to allow movement.

Thank you for the recommendation for the Hand Tool Book Review podcast. I’m listening to the first episode right now, where he reviews The Anarchist’s Tool Chest by Schwarz. He also has high praise for Lost Art Press, and I’d agree with that too. I found Lost Art Press while looking for books on campaign furniture.

And yes, the rest of the Wood Talk episode was great. You guys are awesome too. 🙂

I have a comment on the leg vise length.

The ratio of lengths will affect how much force goes to the work piece. If the screw to workpiece is 4” and screw to lower anti-racking device is 16”, they have a 4:1 ratio. That will put 80% of the clamping force on the work piece. Changing the distances to 4” and 12” will give a 3:1 ratio and 75% of the clamping force on the workpiece.

A shorter vise will work, but the benefits of the design will start going away as the ratio of lengths start getting under 3:1.

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