WT466 – Outdoor Oil – Is it Though?

On today’s show we’re talking about outdoor projects.

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Coronavirus and how its impact on our shop situations


    • AW Pelto says hide glue can be reversed easier with denatured alcohol and that the liquid hide glue is much harder to reverse, if at all.
    • David shared the all in one shop bot that does it all! The Snapmaker
    • Robby Wright – “The gent from Manhattan mentioned that he was going to draw make up air down his chimney. That could pull exhaust gases from adjacent chimneys, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning, which tends make living difficult. If he reverses the mentioned airflow and pulls the air in the side opening and pushes the exhaust up the chimney, it would prevent the problem.”

Outdoor Projects

We share a wide variety of projects and finishes as well as species used and the amount of exposure each project has

  • Marc-
    1. Mahogany Adirondack chairs,CPES and Epifanes
    2. Gate: White oak, Epifanes
    3. Western Red Cedar Table with Total Boat epoxy sealer and then Epifanes
  • Matt-
    1. Adirondack Chairs, General Finishes Outdoor Oil
    2. Farm House Table, CPES/Epifanes
    3. Garden Bench, Teak Oil
  • Shannon-
    1. Adirondack Chairs, Western Red Cedar, Cypress, White Oak, Pine painted, Teak
    2. Chaise Lounge, White Oak, Teak Oil
    3. Ottoman, Mahogany, Spar Varnish
    4. Dock Chair, Teak
    5. Patio Table, Painted Pine

    Voicemails & Emails

    • Keith built an outdoor planter and the glued up for thickness legs are starting to de-laminate
    • Kyle asks what workbench to use when building outdoor projects

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    Social Media Homework

    Post a picture of your favorite or most recent outdoor project. What finish did you use, what kind of exposure does it see, and how has it held up? Use the hashtag: #woodtalk466

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