WT467 – Shannon is Inspired by Marc

It’s show #467 For April 15th, 2020, on today’s show we’re talking about Shop Spring cleaning, chiseling on the workbench, Maloof finish, and the difference between stalactites and stalagmites.

What’s on the Bench

  • Marc – Nesting Tables
  • Shannon – iPad shelf
  • Matt – Finished construction on the trailer

Main Topic: Shop Spring Cleaning

What things do we do to spruce up the shop?

  • Marc – Shop blow out. A round of filter cleaning/replacement as needed. Should do tool calibration but I’m too lazy.
  • Shannon – blow, sweep, burn scraps, thorough sharpening/waxing, lumber reorg, move unused stuff into storage
  • Matt – Blow out the shop, burn scrap bin, sawmill clean up. Find random stuff that’s been hiding in the snow.

Voicemails & Emails

  • Stephen – Kickback on how a plane works.
  • Brian – Will Maloof Finish prevent red wine stains
  • Rich – Do you chisel on your bench?
  • Matthew – Does sanding to 180 before cutting your lumber prematurely dully the blades?
  • Matt – cleaning fiberglass stalagmites

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Social Media Homework

Post a picture of your spring cleaning rituals and your shop. Use the hashtag: #woodtalk467

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For the kayak guy my advice is too late but if the floor was dirty before the epoxy fell I think it would come right off, same thing with sheetrock work, leave the floor dusty and mud that falls won’t stick

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