WT468 – Free Tormeks for Everyone

It’s show #468 For April 22nd, 2020, on today’s show we’re talking about sharpening!

  • If you’re just starting out, check out the Plate Glass Sharpening System
  • For those wanting to get more out of their grinders, the new CBN wheels are incredibly hard and require no truing, no water, and no need to readjust your jigs due to a shrinking wheel.
  • Rockler carries a wide variety of power sharpening systems from WorkSharp, Rikon, Record and of course, the Swedish grandfather of power sharpening: Tormek

Just go to Rockler.com/sharpening to find any of these products and more.


  • Patrick shared a video of a hand carved Land Cruiser:
  • Rick is a healthcare professional and warns that the cloth masks people are making do not protect against COVID-19 but fine for wood dust. So send in the good stuff and keep the homemade masks for your woodworking
  • Robin says that outdoor finishing is less about the finish you choose and more about reapplying it regularly

Main Topic: Sharpening

  • What is your sharpening set up?
  • What is your typical process?
  • Different for different tools?
  • How often to you sharpen?
  • Anything you don’t sharpen but send out?
  • What one tool in your shop now that you have never sharpened?

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Social Media Homework

Post a picture of your sharpening station and tell us about it. Use the hashtag: #woodtalk468

2 replies on “WT468 – Free Tormeks for Everyone”

Marc gets the gold star for pronouncing my last name correctly. Who would have thought, Marc would be able to say it right. Thanks guys for making a great show. It took me just over a year, but I have know listened to all the episodes from 1 to 467. Listening to 468 right now. I have to say episode 1 was amazing…

Face shield refresh… would it be possible to treat these like a car windshield? Fill scratches with epoxy to get back to visually clear? Possibly following up by polishing back up to the highest grit available in your shop.

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