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It’s show #469 For April 29th, 2020, and we know a lot of you are jonesing for extra stuff to listen to right now so we’re doing a bonus show. It’s all email today as we clean out our inbox. We’re talking about resawing by hand, wood filler, strength of rabbet joints, soaking wood, table outfield table size, & cutting a crosshatch pattern

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  • Chris is having trouble resawing by hand with his blade deviating in mid cut
  • Jim is looking for advice on wood filler that is stain friendly
  • Andrew wants to dry then wet then re-dry some wood
  • Jason questions the strength of rabbet joints
  • Sean is looking for a way to cut a cross hatch pattern with a dado stack
  • Mark is seeking sanity with the proper table saw outfeed table size
  • Jason needs a source to look up all the Stanley numbers for his hand planes

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One reply on “WT469 – Just the Tip”

For those with a 14″ bandsaw with a 6″ riser block, I too cussed mine until I changed the motor from the stock 3/4 hp to a 1 1/4 hp.
It is now one of my favorite tools in the shop. The increase in HP was true game changer.
Re-sawing KD lumber is not perfect, but hey its a bandsaw. Cutting large green bowl blanks went from a cuss storm to a pleasure. The motor was relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new saw.
I really enjoy the show,

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