WT500 – Marc Likes Little Balls

It’s show #500. On today’s show we’re answering more of your dumb questions. Workbench height, end grain routing, hand planing body language and so much more. And to celebrate 500 episodes of this dumb show, we’re doing to do a celebratory woodworking quiz.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is gearing up for lots of veneering work
  • Matt is moving
  • Shannon found a box of veneer he forgot he had and got distracted by marquetry

Emails and Voicemails

  • Jeremiah has reflections on 500 shows and a question about workbench height
  • Elliot wants to know what a “roo-boh” workbench is
  • Nick is thinking of ditching his planer infeed/outfeed supports
  • Alex wants the 411 on bowtie inlays
  • Brian is too cheap for the hollow chisel mortiser and asks about using a drill bit
  • Tommasso wants to speak the proper body language for jointing a board with a hand plane
  • Robin asks about a headstock on a treadle lathe on the right instead of left
  • Eric wants to know how and when it is safe to rout end grain

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Finally you can find us individually on Instagram at mattcremona, woodwhisperer, and renaissancewoodworker

One reply on “WT500 – Marc Likes Little Balls”

Love the show guys, you share quite the chemistry, and play well together. Coupled with the show titles, it borders on sketchy.

Anyway, thanks for not quitting… again!

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