WT260 – The Slender Member

Softwood for a workbench, establishing your design style, using a router as jointer, and choosing wood for a table top.

WT259 – Sunshine and Potpourri

Miscellaneous topics from our email bag that are too short for a single topic show and not long enough for a regular show.

WT257 – Woodworking Business Models

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re talking about our business models and lots of other unqualified business advice that you should take with a

WT256 – Guess What Chicken Butt?

On today’s show we’re talking about letting necessity be the mother of invention, anticipatory duct work for dust collection, breadboard end joinery. What’s on the

WT253 – Helical Head or Not

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re talking about helical heads in planers and their advantages…or not. How about you? Have you upgraded to a

WT252 – Sheeps From Legos

On today’s show, we’re talking about finishing oily woods, when to mill rough lumber, and when to re-flatten sharpening stones What’s on the Bench? Marc

WT250 – Meow Mix!

Charging relatives for your work and dealing with too-narrow dados.

WT249 – Aftermarket Upgrades

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re talking about aftermarket upgrades for our tools. This topic was inspired by a question from Peter. How about

WT248 – We Lost Trenton!

Popping figured maple without warming it up, gluing face grain to edge grain, and traditional turning tools vs carbide insert tools.

WT246 – Serious Roof Surfing Turtle

Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware – Brusso provides high quality American-made woodworking hardware for YOUR next project. As a special discount for new

WT241 – Stuff We Don’t Do Well

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition” we’re talking about the one thing in woodworking we are worst at and how we are working to improve

WT240 – The Snarky Show

Boiled linseed oil before a clear coat, tinting epoxy, and whether to pre-finish edge banding on a plywood box.

WT238 – Vinegar Pie

Curing finishes in the oven, small shop miter saws, and hardware for connecting cabinets

WT232 – Back to Betamax

Should you leave the marking gauge line or get rid of it, how flat does a jointing plane need to be and sharpening a fine toothed saw.

WT231 – Panel Glue Up Techniques

On today’s Wood Talk “Weekend Edition”, we are talking about how we glue up panels and how we have changed our technique over the years.

WT230 – Super Spongy Matt

On today’s show, we’re talking about Anti-fatigue mats, Pore-filling, Build or buy the first workbench?, wood movement in an Adirondack chair, and shop vac vs

WT229 – Small Shop Lessons

On today’s WoodTalk “Weekend Edition”, Marc was out sick so Matt and Shannon talked about small shops whether they be garage or basement and the

WT228 – Marc has the Sniffles

Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware. New customers get 10% OFF any order at Brusso.com using code WT2015. On today’s show, we’re talking about

WT226 – Cut the Cut List

An emergency safety alert for your shop, how long should that table stretcher be, and SketchUp cut lists.

WT225 – Shop Furniture: Pretty or Plain

On today’s WoodTalk “Weekend Edition”, we’re talking about shop furniture projects. How nice do you make them? Email Dustin is wondering about shop projects. Do

WT224 – Woof Woof Shannon!

Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware. New customers get 10% OFF any order at Brusso.com using code WT2015. On today’s show, we’re talking about

WT222 – Freaky Teaky Crud

Attaching a sitting bench top to the base, is the router plane fence necessary, and dealing with mystery goo after finishing.

WT221 – Measuring and Marking Tools

On today’s WoodTalk “Weekend Edition”, we’re talking about measuring and marking tools: which ones we love and how we use them. We also talk about

WT219 – Storing Lumber

On today’s WoodTalk Weekend Edition, we’re talking about how we store our lumber.

WT217 – Brandon Gore Interview

On today’s show, we’re chatting with Brandon Gore, a talented furniture-maker who works primarily with concrete and who serves as a judge on the new

WT216 – Giant Little Wood Turds

Today’s show we’re talking about using twin tenons vs one big tenon, cutting curve part mortises, how to know when you saw is dull, and our thoughts on two new furniture-building shows (Framework and Ellen’s Design Show).

WT212 – Udderly Cold

Tips for working with reclaimed lumber, buying workbench lumber, and are dovetail saddle markers lazy woodworking?

WT211 – Ear Juice Finish

Paring with Japanese Chisels, dealing with overwhelming fear of sawdust piles, lumber checking, and wood plugs for stretched ears.

WT210 – Giant Hairy Toddler

Hiding table end grain, what makes something fine furniture, is CNC real woodworking, and how we come up with original designs.

WT209 – 2014 in Review

Did we meet or exceed our goals? Or did we fall miserably short. Listen to find out!

WT208 – The OCD Woodworker

Today we’re talking about fine-tuning tapered plugs, avoiding slippery surfaces on step stools, and attaching a table top to its base

WT206 – We’re Thankful

Lie-Nielsen vs Veritas, loose tenons and bed rails, refurbish or buy new, and what we’re thankful for!

WT203 – Mirror Frisbee

Wood warping after a resaw, trouble with a smoothing plane, and octagonal frame joinery.

WT202 – Do Less Woodworking!

Solvent confusion, box joints and short ceilings, workbenches and T tracks, and selecting wood for your projects.

WT201 – Bagged & Boarded

Safe finishes for comic book storage, drawer guide positioning, and restoring an antique workbench.

WT199 – Patronizing Matt

Finishes for kitchen cabinets, dealing with glue squeezeout, and should you get a really small hand plane?

WT198 – Neanderthal Parenting Tips

Steam bending vs bent lamination, choosing your tools based on sharpening methods, and replacing your dust collector’s filtration bags.

WT196 – Pimp My Bench Plane!

Avoiding rounding over with a random orbit sander, splines or biscuits as a glue-up aide, a bit of marquetry on a box, and a WIA wrap-up with a discussion of Lee Valley’s new custom planes.

WT195 – And We’re Back!

Preventing cupped panels, respirators for the permanently bearded, box hinges, Spraying outdoors, acclimating lumber before a project, and avoiding tearout while turning.

WT193 – Marc Go Sleepy

Mixing profiles and breadboard ends, using a chisel plane, and making dadoes and grooves with hand tools.

WT192 – The Vanderlist Method

Easy durable finishes, automation distancing us from our craft, and how to perform a ritual bloodletting with your chisels

WT191 – The Chortle Shakes

Ammonia fuming, pre-finishing rituals, plywood in the hand tool shop, and how flat is flat enough.

WT185 – Robot Balls

Matching stain, rough vs smooth glue surfaces, tips for beating the summer heat, framing mirrors, and unique joints for a bed frame.

WT183 – Shannon Sparkles

Hand tool dust collection, steam bending kiln-dried wood, flattening a partial log slab, using molding planes on curved edges.

WT182 – Marc is Patient Zero?

Bandsaw dust collection, small insert screws, choosing the right size hinge, carving tool brands, and if too much woodworking content is a bad thing.

WT180 – Butt Buffing

The pros and cons of a granite countertop for a workbench, adjustable height workbenches, and how to use a spokeshave.

WT176 – Cadbury Cream Eggs

Cadbury Cream Egg stand, budget chisels, avoiding tearout with plywood, flattening waterstones, the draw knife, a twisted workbench, setting up a skew rabbet plane, and constructing Art Deco pieces.

WT175 – Lazy Woodworker

Wood movement cracking finish, 15″ planer options, protecting milk paint outdoors, building with decking lumber, spindle sander for the drill press, cloudy surface when sharpening, and bits for a brace.

WT174 – Hand Tool Menagerie School

Plywood cases, planing dried glue, angled mortises, the iBox jig, cutting dovetails with a tenon saw, and choosing between a fret saw and a coping saw.

WT173 – What’s with Brad Pitt?!

Planing thin stock, stationary sanding machines, woodworking in the cold, sharpening the micro-bevel, hybrid saws, un-calibrated jointers, and a primer on chisels.

WT172 – Do They Know About Shrinkage?

Alternatives to epoxy thickeners, hand-planing small parts, the ideal plane for a shooting board, Blacker House Chair, how cold temps and high humidity will affect wood, and reclaimed wood.

WT171 – Mind the Neck Divot!

Cuttin down on pro bono work, wood acclimation, returning bad wood, injury time-outs, minimizing noise transmission, and reinforced miters.

WT170 – Crushed Walnuts

Flat panels after glueup, wooden screws, workbench questions, lamination techniques, big box store wood, and dealing with large slabs.

WT169 – Shannon’s Bloody Reign!

Downdraft tables, powder coating hand planes, drilling end grain, veneer vs solid wood for a dining table, liquid hide glue and lubricants staining wood.

WT167 – Nobody Likes an Ash Hole

Pre-finishing your projects, skill-building strategies, sharpening with diamond stones, a fence for a small bandsaw, dealing with an infestation, and smoothing dovetail pins.

WT166 – The Wet Spot

Sweating on your projects, what grit you should sand to, and researching wood prices.

WT165 – A Zen Moment

Carbide tipped bandsaw blades, palm routers, avoiding sapwood, wooden gears, weathered wood, and making a large bridle joint.

WT164 – Going for the Jugular

When its safe to remove a blade guard and riving knife, resawing to conserve wood, making a wooden plane and shooting board, your first workbench, buying stock in the rough, and disposing of old power tools.