WT176 – Cadbury Cream Eggs

Cadbury Cream Egg stand, budget chisels, avoiding tearout with plywood, flattening waterstones, the draw knife, a twisted workbench, setting up a skew rabbet plane, and constructing Art Deco pieces.

WT175 – Lazy Woodworker

Wood movement cracking finish, 15″ planer options, protecting milk paint outdoors, building with decking lumber, spindle sander for the drill press, cloudy surface when sharpening, and bits for a brace.

WT174 – Hand Tool Menagerie School

Plywood cases, planing dried glue, angled mortises, the iBox jig, cutting dovetails with a tenon saw, and choosing between a fret saw and a coping saw.

WT173 – What’s with Brad Pitt?!

Planing thin stock, stationary sanding machines, woodworking in the cold, sharpening the micro-bevel, hybrid saws, un-calibrated jointers, and a primer on chisels.

WT172 – Do They Know About Shrinkage?

Alternatives to epoxy thickeners, hand-planing small parts, the ideal plane for a shooting board, Blacker House Chair, how cold temps and high humidity will affect wood, and reclaimed wood.

WT171 – Mind the Neck Divot!

Cuttin down on pro bono work, wood acclimation, returning bad wood, injury time-outs, minimizing noise transmission, and reinforced miters.

WT170 – Crushed Walnuts

Flat panels after glueup, wooden screws, workbench questions, lamination techniques, big box store wood, and dealing with large slabs.

WT169 – Shannon’s Bloody Reign!

Downdraft tables, powder coating hand planes, drilling end grain, veneer vs solid wood for a dining table, liquid hide glue and lubricants staining wood.

WT167 – Nobody Likes an Ash Hole

Pre-finishing your projects, skill-building strategies, sharpening with diamond stones, a fence for a small bandsaw, dealing with an infestation, and smoothing dovetail pins.

WT166 – The Wet Spot

Sweating on your projects, what grit you should sand to, and researching wood prices.

WT165 – A Zen Moment

Carbide tipped bandsaw blades, palm routers, avoiding sapwood, wooden gears, weathered wood, and making a large bridle joint.

WT164 – Going for the Jugular

When its safe to remove a blade guard and riving knife, resawing to conserve wood, making a wooden plane and shooting board, your first workbench, buying stock in the rough, and disposing of old power tools.

WT160 – Jonathan Wins Woodworking

Cool finishes, table saw residue, monotonous woodworking, best practices at the table saw, plugging holes, clogging dust collectors, and planning your cuts strategically.

WT159 – The Cleavage Plane

Squaring up a large piece of ply, block planes for specific tasks, making a conductor’s baton, rustic furniture advice, fine dust collection at the tablesaw, and fixing cracks in live edge slabs.

WT158 – Dilute With DNA

Drifting table saw cuts, proper rasp use, old clogging chip breakers, prepping a bandsaw for a move, proper dust mask usage, and is sanding necessary for hand tool users?

WT157 – Beat Your Bag!

Festool MFT in place of the table saw, clamp times, purchasing a chisel set, dealing with a cupped table top, denatured alcohol and food-safe shellac, and keeping the upper bag of a dust collector caked with dust, on purpose?

WT156 – Science is Sexy!

Freezing water stone baths, going hand or power for your first dovetails, narrow mortises with a chisel, underpowered bandsaws, tablesaw blade slippage, difference between dovetails saws, and differences between epoxy types.

WT155 – Continuous Doodie

Belt sanders for fine woodworking, card scraper sharpening, water stone storage, matching baltic birch to solid birch, and respiratory protection when using epoxy and fiberglass.

WT153 – Build Order

Our thoughts on how we establish a build order for each project.

WT152 – Chisels for the Win!

Essential hand tools for power tool woodworkers, router speeds, keeping a sharp edge on your tools, and using bandsaw blades for hand saws.

WT150 – Matt’s Banana Hammock

boiled linseed oil shelf life, being too picky about calibration, taming bowl scraper tearout, lapping the sole of a hand plane

WT148 – Beware of Shannon’s Rabbit Hole

Mineral oil spills, bit and brace advantages, wood movement in large panels, power hand planers for flattening boards, replaceable cutters vs traditional turning tools, and planer snipe.

WT147 – A Tenon is a Tenon

Machine-cut dovetail angles, spokeshaves vs rasps, popping the grain with dye, tips for flawless drawers, integral vs loose tenons, and workbench thickness for holdfasts.

WT146 – Matt’s Story Stick

Wooden planes, sassafrass toxicity, hinges for bathroom vanity, Festool Domino models, finishing around an inlay, and how to make a tenon for a breadboard end.

WT145 – It’s Flamminable!

Knowing when a design is right, replacement parts for hand planes, cambering blades, and using Waterlox finish

WT143 – Belly Jelly

Milk paint, skill-building projects for hand tool woodworkers, and an interview with Matt Kenney from FWW.

WT141 – Quality Control is Boring!

Preparing tools for a move, dangerous chemicals for finishing, carving gouge bevels, the ruler trick on bevel up planes, factory certifications, and cutting small mortises.

WT139 – Less Than 1%

Expansion differences between hardwood and softwood, resaw alternatives to the bandsaw, and the difference between parallelogram and dovetail way jointers.

WT138 – Plane Away From The Nuts

Our must-have books, breaking bits, a saw to do it all, our choice in clamps, a shop vac that sucks too hard, tool maintenance frequency, and turning a cyclone on too many times.

WT136 – The One Without Matt

Wiping varnish, building with something other than 3/4″ stock, disposing of sawdust, and restoring some old Stanley planes.

WT135 – Hurley’s Ash

Japanese chisels, getting the most from a dust extractor, planing one side of a board, veneering, storing left-over finish, and ash for hurleys.

WT134 – Handworks

The Handworks even in Iowa, locking miter joints, quality dividers, locating an air filter, using OSB, large wet slabs, and alternatives to traditional stickering and stacking.

WT133 – Pork Roll on the Bandsaw

We’re talking about Marples blades, Sweetheart vs Bailey, storing hand planes, high end sanders, protecting your assembly table, and pressure treated wood.

WT132 – Wood Talk Top 10

Die grinders, PVC pipe, Forrest vs Freud, scraping, jointer length, granite top retrofits, back bevels, blade height, effects of finish on wood movement, and buying wood just because.

WT131 – Shannon’s Mint Julep

Cupped table top, a box for severed fingers, using router bits with shapers, t-slot miter bars, compact table saws, bevel angles on bevel down planes, jointer options, dado blade safety, and designing difficulty.

WT130 – Gone to the Dogs

Nordfab ductwork, European saws, quartersawn wood, round vs square dog holes, thin kerf blades, smoothing expensive wood, cutting up burl, and graduating from shop projects to real furniture projects.

WT129 – One Plane To Rule Them All

Jack planes, leaving dovetail scribe lines, the difference between some common saws, inspecting an old table saw, using B-grade wood, fixing a warped chair seat, and using epoxy.

WT128 – British TV

Responsible wood usage, green mineral spirits, design for strength, fixing a hand-cut mortise, Arm-R-Seal alternatives, riving knives, carving tools, RAS, cross-cut sleds, steel hardness, butcher block finish, elmers glue, and sprung joints.

WT127 – Hand Tool Guy Straight

Circular saw blades, liability insurance, cutting face frames without big tools, upgrading your chisels, planing thin stock, choosing a shop space, creating stopped dados with hand tools, and applying Arm-R-Seal over newly stained wood.

WT126 – 20 Questions

Blasting through some emails with our 20 Question Quickfire Challenge!

WT125 – Matt Yelled At Me!

On today’s show, we’re talking about getting back into woodworking, drying lumber, and shipping finished projects.

WT124 – That’ll Be A Buck Fifty!

Finishing Ebony, finish options for game pieces, shop space for a first house, joinery for a plywood tool cabinet, dry lube on a table saw, using metal pipe as dowel stock, and chair joints with no metal fasteners.

WT123 – Colonial Turkey Legs

Fixing a bent handsaw, deciding what scrap to keep, working with pine, and should woodworking be sexy?

WT122 – Ana White’s Nickers

Tiny router bit screws, the effect of sites like Pinterest, wet-sanding shellac, mortising into the end of a dowel, dado blades, the purpose of the nicker, CNC in the small shop, and way to encourage finish to dry faster.

WT121 – Get A Handle On It!

Saw handle angles, traveling for wood, using a Stanley #6 as a jointer plane, the Hock Block Plane Kit, and an HVLP-applied finish for a crib.

WT120 – We’ve Got Mail

On today’s show, we’re celebrating Get Woodworking Week by doing an all email episode!

WT119 – What Glen Huey Always Says

Cherry for a desktop, the ruler trick, stationary sander options, cabinet scrapers vs scraper planes, finishing suggestions for cherry, getting a grippy finish on a fish net, is a ClearVue Cyclone a good idea in a small shop, and special guest J. Leeko

WT118 – KickStompers

Breaking down plywood, Shapton glass stones, adapting Festool hoses, hand plane talk, and Kickstarter campaigns.

WT117 – Here Kitty Kitty!

Problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws.

WT113 – Chuck Norris Ruins The Poll

The year in review, the wide world of hand planes, wood movement after milling, digital vs print magazines, the Domino vs the Multi-Router, and oil finishes causing blotching in cherry.

WT110 – Favorite Pie!

Granite vs steel, choosing the right gloves for finishing, wood handled tools in dry climates, fixing a blunt plane iron, bevel angles for chisels and plane blades, and transitioning from hobbyist to pro.

WT109 – Shannon Ruins the Poll

Bandsaw tuneup, shop music, tools we would choose if starting over, sharpening, laminated countertops, and organizing tasks during a complicated project.

WT108 – Matt Vs Matt

Scott Meek shares his WIA experience with us and talks about his wooden hand planes. Also, cold weather woodworking and a special event: the Matt2007 vs Matt2012 SawStop debate.

WT106 – Pole of the Week?

Storing oil/varnish blends safely, router tables, dealing with a cluttered shop, assembly table flatness, and Magswitch featherboards.

WT105 – Woodworking in Pasadena

On today’s show, we’re doing a little Woodworking in America recap and of course our regular selection of shop stories, links, voicemails and emails.

WT104 – This Forum Sucks!

We’re back to our regular format today with What’s on the Bench, Around the Web, and Voicemails! Although we got a little sidetracked with Festool talk.

WT103 – The Convention Show

On today’s show, we have two special guests to give us first-hand perspectives on two woodworking conventions: IWF Atlanta and Fine Woodworking Live!

WT101 – Wingin’ It!

Marc gets inspiration from David Marks’ Marquetry DVD, Matt’s newly-sharpened saws are stolen, and Shannon’s going to do his best Underhill impression with his new tool tote.

WT99 – Improv Woodworking

We’re talking about outdoor workbenches, woodworking with humidity in mind, Marc’s new shop, and the concept of Improv Woodworking.

WT98 – Asa’s Apology Tour

Fine Woodworking Editor Asa Christiana talks about his recent online fiasco and we also talk about the best multi-tasking tools and how to make the best use of a small work space.

WT97 – The Jigs Up!

Saving money by building your own furniture, Jeff Miller’s new jigs for hand tool work, how to make a rule joint and long-term tool storage.


Our scariest shop accidents and close calls, old woodwrights shop episodes, shop accidents, safety week, using high angle smoothers, and parallel guide placement in a leg vise.


Changing respirator cartridges, basement woodworking and HVAC, beading on a drawer front, polyurethane flammability, good woods to practice planing, ebony species, and cutting bevel angles over 45 degrees.


Roy Underhill on the PBS iPad app, California’s tablesaw law, pore-filling walnut, hand plane oils, and must-have tools for the beginner.


We discuss a bunch of great links from around the web!


Woodworking events galore, The Highland Woodworker, and a crazy Kickback video!


The WTOR boys take time for a little inward reflection as they discuss their 2012 woodworking resolutions.


With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to consider making small projects as gifts.


A frank discussion about this years Woodworking in America conference!


A surprise edition of Wood Talk Online! The community has some unsolicited parenting advice for Marc and Nicole.


Some business and announcements before we head into our Summer break.

Board Meetings #3

Twisting Cypress, bridle joint trouble, metal ductwork and the ClearVue Cyclone.


Building your woodworking legacy, popping the grain in redwood, and Pop Woodworking going digital!


Joining the Frogpants network, woodworking seasons, and the hand tool craze!


The WIA 2011 class schedule is leaked!


Card scrapers, sharpening with sandpaper, planing narrow boards, paring with the bevel down, and deciding between storing your lumber in the garage or in the basement.

Board Meetings #2

Prefinishing panels, Tried & True safety considerations, and making a hollow column.


Taxes, the future of woodworking, and a butt load of content from the magazines, blogs, and forums


Bad April Fools Jokes, what saws a beginning woodworker really needs, how to tune up an old hand plane, as well as a butt load of content from the magazines, blogs, and forums.