WT413 – Matt Gets Some

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, dealing with pests in the shop, stable hardwoods, and workbench finishes

WT410 – Bouncing Down the Dado

Intentionally building out of square, the necessity of miter saws, adding texture, choosing a router plane, and introducing new woodworkers to tools.

WT407 – Woe is Us

sliding vs non-sliding miter saws, workbench crochets, storing logs before milling them

WT405 – Cremona Totem Pole

When to say and when to plane, losing the battle with hickory, tacky finish, material thickness, and stop blocks, and etc.

WT403 – Matt Rips Chain

Sapele working properties, Veneering Solid wood, 220v extension cords, and ripping chain.

WT399 – Poops McDomino

Should you bottom out your tenons, plywood potato chips, and a plywood workbench.

WT397 – Rehydrated Poop Nuggets

How to know if your furniture can handle the load, moving a project from AC to non-AC room, and should you mill everything all at once?!

WT396 – Who Is the Average Woodworker

On today’s weekend show we talking about what defines “the average woodworker” Robert wrote in to ask about the right table saw for the average

WT395 – The Professional Show

Milling logs, oil and wax on hand tools causing finishing problems, when to use a loose mortise and tenon, boards bowing off the saw mill, and panel raising planes

WT389 – Bob Likes to Make Stuff

SketchUp for sissies, moving a shop, blending 3d printing and fine woodworking, and do Matt and Marc feel inferior because the don’t mess with electronics like Bob Clagett?

WT385 – Two Horny Wolves

Sprung breadboard ends, which hand tools should you spend money on, and getting started as a college student

WT383 – Choke Up On It

On today’s show we’re talking about different types of chisels, getting the most from your Jack plane, and what if matt moves?! What’s On the

WT381 – Stick it in the Wood

On today’s show we’re talking about amber water-based finish, what’s the deal with Drill presses, and how to use a moisture meter. Don’t forget to

WT375 – We Want Mo Mona

On today’s show we’re talking about if the finish is ruined once it starts curing in the can and giving up on a tool or

WT374 – Woodworking Vacation

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about woodworking away from home. What Are We Talking About Darth Rust asked: I’m overseas for the rest of

WT367 – Matt Loves Us

Card scraper thickness, what’s your highest grit before finishing, and asymetrical dovetail layout

WT359 – Free Donuts

Extra jointer support, taming tapers, diamond vs water stones, and leaving the bark on slabs.

WT349 – Mullet Truck

Staining complex projects, Matt’s building a solar kiln?!?!, and wood movement in wide boards.

WT343 – Marc Drops a Hot One

Router bit buying strategy, lathe tool recommendations, jointer planes, and where to put the drill press.

WT341 – The Best $41 You Ever Spent

Shop sub-floors, files for restoring saws, basement woodworking, purpleheart resin, acute angles, and making big projects in small spaces.

WT336 – Us as Kids

Your co-hosts as kids. What were we into? Anything that showed aptitude for woodworking or video-making?

WT335 – Marc Likes Fishnets

Oil and wax finish on a butcher block, wall storage in a concrete walled shop, and starting a business.

WT332 – Camcorders vs DSLRs

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about camcorders vs DSLRs and how we use them in our shops. What We’re Using Marc has a Sony PXW-Z-150

WT331 – Scary Bosses

On today’s show, we’re talking about glossy wood without finish, choosing woods for your design, how much wood for a workbench. What’s On the Bench

WT330 – Balls of Steel

On today’s show, we’re talking about setting your miter gauge to square, wood hardness scales, and T1-11 for the shop walls. What’s On the Bench

WT327 – Upright Wench

Oil stones vs water stones, how to avoid mistakes related to rushing, and setting pricing expectations

WT326 – Wilbur’s Big Hakones

curved cauls, who need’s ’em!, what’s matt going to do with all of those slabs, what’s the deal with Purpleheart, and all kinds of backwards sawing and softwood only Japanese woodworking questions for our guest host Wilbur Pan.

WT325 – Mineral Spirits Shots

Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware. Use the code “Woodtalk” to save 10% off our first order at Brusso.com On today’s show we’re talking

WT323 – Hard is Not Hard

On today’s show, we’re talking about practicing dovetails, differences between gravity and syphon HVLP guns, keeping our shops organized, and period furniture resources. Want to